Remote Workers

Manage your company, from anywhere!

With Bizringer's VoIP phone solution, you are always present at your office, even though you are miles away. Now you can maintain total control of your company, even when everyone is in a different location. All your communications are unified into one system that integrates desk phones, cell phones, email, messaging and websites. Everyone shares the same information and you know what everyone in the company is doing. Keep track of how long your employees are working on projects, see their communications, and be able to contact them instantly. You can even integrate video cameras, control devices in your office, or instantly change a password. We give you the ultimate tools for productivity and security.

Manage communications anywhere
Keep track of every employee seamlessly. Connect with them no matter where you or they are, even from your smartphone. Everyone has the same features too.

Be in control
You have control over your workforce. Always know what's going on at your business.

Share information companywide
Everyone has access to the same information, making it easy to collaborate. A conference bridge is also included with your system for no additional charge.

Superb 24/7 customer support
You're assured of easy installation and a secure and reliable communications system that's responsive to your needs.